Call of Duty WWII Merchandise: It’s on its way!

Are you a Call of Duty obsessive? Are you excited to get your game on all over again in the new WWII release? Perfectly in time for Christmas the game is set to be out in stores November 3rd.

In celebration of the new addition to the Call of Duty franchise we have a whole bunch of exciting and unique gaming merchandise up and coming to go hand in hand with your new gaming addiction-to-be.

Inspired by the game’s previous popular launches, divisions, maps, grenades and the infamous Freedom Star our hard-working designers here at Numskull, Karl and Tanya, have been getting creative to produce for you the finest merchandise that you definitely won’t be able to resist.

Keep your eyes peeled for bathrobes, wallets, hoodies, backpacks, steel mugs, bottle openers t-shirts, slippers and lots more thrilling new gaming goodies!

Our upcoming new wallets have a premium feel, allowing you to feel like the most sophisticated Call of Duty player. You can also wind down for a night of intense gaming by getting snug in one of our comfy onesies and pair of slippers from the range. After all, an avid gamer plays their best when 100% relaxed.

The forthcoming collection incorporates some understated elements from the Call of Duty game franchise to concoct designs that fanatics will recognise instantly – we do aim to please!

The exciting new products can bring a smile to every face at the end of October 2017. Hold tight, put it in your calendar, set a reminder, breathe and look forward to what we have in store!

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