Destiny 2 gaming merchandise: You don’t have long to wait!

Brace yourselves, because we have a ton of new geeky merchandise coming your way! If you’re an avid game player and fanatic of the addictive online shooting game Destiny you’re going to want to read on – for definite.

Our designers here at Numskull, Karl and Tanya, have been working hard to give our full-time nerds exactly what they want. Destiny is set to release its new game on September 6th, and what better way is there to show our gratitude than to give you all some new kick-ass merchandise?!

From the collection you can expect bottle openers, mugs, premium wallets, snapbacks, onesies, bathrobes, key rings, fridge magnets and plenty more.

Throughout the design process, our designers have worked hard to produce merchandise that provides subtle hints to the game Destiny. The idea is that only true fans will recognise these elements – and for everybody else who doesn’t they’ll just looks pretty damn cool!

Our Destiny 2 product range grasps ideas from the game’s logo, characters, factions, classes and the Destiny ghost.

Be prepared to expect premium designs, high-quality fabrics and materials and undeniably awesome concepts from our new upcoming collection at, of course, great prices.

So, now is the time to be clearing some space on your shelves and saving some dosh to go wild on our forthcoming incredible merchandise collection.

You can feast your eyes on our Destiny 2 merchandise right now by visiting our Destiny 2 page here and pre order with a wide range of retailers but quick as stock is limited and once its gone, its gone!

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