Galaga Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet

  • Official Bandai Namco Entertainment product – ¼ scale playable replica of the original 1980s Galaga arcade cabinet
  • Fully playable cabinet – plays the original arcade ROM on a bespoke emulator
  • Quarter Arcades #2: second in the series – collect them all to build your own miniature arcade
  • Realistic replica – everything from the artwork, shape, wooden shell, buttons, and more are precise replicas
  • High quality – made for durability, playability, and portability
  • Play your way – internal dip switch settings let you play however you want, whenever you want
  • Portable and displayable – rechargeable internal battery lets you take it on the go, or display at home in attract mode
  • User manual can be downloaded here.

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The most authentic arcade cabinet on the market

Quarter Arcades cabinets are the most high quality, authentic arcade miniature replicas available. Made from real wood, its shell is covered with the original artwork - and with features such as the reverse air vents with wire mesh, backlit LED marquee, and even screws on the top of the cabinet, you can tell that our passionate team of gamers has lovingly recreated this classic perfectly.

Plays the original arcade ROM

Your Galaga cabinet plays the original arcade ROM on a bespoke, custom emulator on a real board – for all you serious arcade collectors out there, that means this isn’t running MAME! We go through rigorous testing and constant refinement to ensure your experience is just as enjoyable and authentic as the original arcade experience, making this the best way to play Galaga at home.

Dip switch settings

Play Galaga your way, with easy-to-use dip switch settings that allow you to change the way you play. Featuring the same settings as the original arcade game, you can access these simply by holding down the 1 and 2 player buttons during the fuzzy screen on start-up. Fancy playing with more lives or receiving more lives more often? Be our guest!

Features and dimensions

The Galaga cabinet is impressively large, while still small enough to comfortably be displayed in your home or office, regardless of space! At 430mm (large) x 160mm (width) x 210mm (depth), it’s the ideal size for playability and display. It also features a full-colour 5 inch TFT screen, LED backlit marquee, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and a 2-way joystick with click feedback.

360 viewer

Take it for a spin

Give the Galaga Quarters Arcade cabinet a spin to see all the details for yourself! You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for the original arcade machine at first, as our replica is the most authentic miniature in the world. Featuring everything from the wooden shell, metal coin door, artwork, and buttons, to the reverse wire mesh vents, ‘Bandai Namco Entertainment’ plaque, and even the screws on top – this is a one of a kind collectable masterpiece!



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