Our Alter-Ego clothing range: The perfect superhero disguise for all Marvel lovers!

Are you secretly a superhero but need a super stylish and convincing cover-up? Superheroes are of course undeniably awesome, but like us they also need a normal wardrobe to carry out those everyday tasks; like picking up the local paper, putting petrol in the car or going to the bank. But when the time calls for it they also need to be able to burst into full-on superhero mode – and that’s why our phenomenal Alter-Ego raglan style shirt range is perfect.

 Our exciting new release of Alter-Ego shirts are all proudly designed with premium materials, high quality prints and of course a large burst of creativity and awesomeness thanks to our talented design team here at Numskull.

 The design consists of a long sleeved white shirt as the base, covered by a short sleeved black T-shirt with the corresponding superhero logo to give a subtle hint at something more powerful and courageous to come. The main event of our unique shirts can be found underneath the shirt design where a fountain of colour in the form of a kickass Marvel superhero can be discovered.

 Choose from the burly green Hulk, the New-York city street swinger Spider-Man, the hilarious and superhuman healing Deadpool, the speedy super soldier Captain America or the intelligent suited-up hero Iron Man. Wherever you think your mysterious alter ego lies in the Marvel superhero world we’ve got you sorted!

 We recommend you make some well-deserved space in your wardrobe for these must-have pieces, set a reminder, drum your fingers in anticipation and patiently await these fantastic shirts that pay homage to the sensational superhero saga that is Marvel.

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