Quarter Arcades: ¼ scale PAC-MAN arcade cabinet firmware update

Quarter Arcades: 1/4 scale PAC-MAN arcade cabinet firmware update

Hello, Quarter Arcades owners!

Thanks so much for purchasing the 1/4 scale PAC-MAN arcade cabinet. We really hope you’ve been enjoying the high-quality collectible machine as much as we have, which is, like, a lot.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created and we can’t wait to show you the rest of the Quarter Arcades range in the near future. As you may know, we have already announced GalagaGalaxian, and Ms. PAC-MAN, with more unannounced titles in the pipeline. It’s gonna be awesome.

Of course, nothing means more to the success of the range than the support and feedback from our community. We’ve received tons of heart-warming messages from fans that love their cabinets, which has been wonderful to see – but, of course, we’ve also received invaluable feedback on what can be improved.

We strongly believe that we’ve created the most authentic, high-quality miniature replica on the market, but some fixes were certainly needed. As the first cabinet we’ve released, we were expecting a few tweaks might be needed. We are endlessly grateful for your patience and continued support while we worked out the kinks – knowledge we’ll also be applying to our future Quarter Arcades releases.

Below you’ll find the links to download two different versions of our optional, free, easy-to-use firmware update – one sticking to the ‘5 lives’ version of the game, and one which will switch your game to the ‘3 lives’ version. Feel free to use whichever you wish, or switch between the two whenever you please!

The fixes include:

1   Reported freezing issue fixed

2   Reported issue of credits automatically inserting without input fixed

3   Sound improved

4  Game speed now accurate to the original

5  ‘Missing’ line of pixels to the right of the screen fixed

6   Optional 3 lives version

Equipment you will need:

1  USB to Micro USB cable with data transfer capabilities (not included with cabinet)

2  A Windows PC running Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista (not Mac compatible)

To install the firmware update, all you need to do is:

1  Download the update (downloads below) and unzip the files (right click the and select ‘extract all’ or ‘unzip’ in the drop-down menu)

2  Make sure your PAC-MAN cabinet is charged and turned off (if it has low battery, please charge)

3  Insert one end of the USB cable into your PC

4  Open the firmware update (the file called PacmanUpdater.exe)

5  Hold ‘Coin2’ (the right button on the coin door) while plugging the USB cable into your cabinet

6  The update screen will inform you when the installation is complete – hit ‘OK’ and then you can safely remove the cable

If you accidentally pull out the cable at the wrong time or turn your computer off midway through installation, no sweat – just start again.

Download the 3 lives firmware update by clicking here

Download the 5 lives firmware update by clicking here

The charging cable that comes with your PAC-MAN cabinet will unfortunately not be suitable. We’re incredibly sorry for this foresight; we’re switching future Quarter Arcades cabinet cables to a data transfer cable in case updates are needed in the future.

Fortunately, data cables are incredibly commonplace, and you likely already have one around in the form of an Anrdroid phone cable, a PlayStation or Xbox One cable, etc. If you need any technical support or have any questions, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Please let us know what you make of the firmware update via our official social channels and the Quarter Arcades Fan Club page on Facebook (not run by us) – we’ll be continuing to take everything on board for the future of the range.

Again, we super appreciate your support! We’re gamers, collectors, and arcade enthusiasts ourselves, so this is much more than just a product to us – it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about to make our own dent in the history of arcade games. Please continue sharing pictures of your beloved PAC-MAN 1?4 scale cabinet on social media; trust me, we’re looking, and it makes us smile every time.

Thank you!

– Ryan Brown, PR & Communications Manager

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