Tekken 7: New Moves for the Anniversary!

Tekken 7 is back for it’s 20th Anniversary, and the seventh Iron First tournament returns with a whole host of new moves for some of the most iconic and classic characters around!


Combo System

The combo system in Tekken 7 is new, but some of the mechanics will seem familiar to players of Tekken Revolution (for example, you can’t bound during a combo anymore). Of course you can still bound, but the amount of moves that create the effect has been drastically reduced. So how do you extend your combos now do you ask? Well rather than using the bound mechanic with many characters, to make each character more unique and individual now lots of them have their own dynamic moveset, which allows them to keep your combos going.

Hwoarang’s backlash move is one case that shows these changes in Tekken 7. Now when you use this ability it causes your enemy to fall to the ground temporarily, but similarly to in similar Tekken games this can only be done once during a big combo, so time your abilities and use them strategically to get maximum damage!

Screw & Power Crush

Ok, so bounds are out (or at least they’re reduced a lot), but what’s come in to replace them? Well the new move that everyone is using in their combos in Tekken 7 is screw. This humorously-named (if you’re juvenile like we are anyway) move type launches whoever is hit by it into the air, spinning while they’re in the air (hence the screw name), and then landing in a very exposed heap on the floor, ripe for you to pile on the damage! Screw moves can also be described as kikimori – literally meaning “Aerial Spin” in Japanese, or it’s also called a tailspin.

But Tekken 7 hasn’t just introduced moves that allow you to capitalise on an enemy in a weakened state, they’ve also introduced a new type of move to allow tankier characters to mitigate incoming damage while still dealing it! This move is called a Power Crush, and basically, it’s an attack that continues if you’re taking a mid or high attack, and not only does the attack still go off, but it actually asorbs a potion of the damage dealt by your enemies’ attack!


Rage is a new way to increase your damage by performing powerful variations of your moves by using the rage meter in different ways. The rage mode is basically a buff that increases the damage you deal, but crucially now you can utilise your entire rage mode to deal massive damage to your foe by using a rage art.

A rage art is a move that deal damage based on how many health points you are missing, meaning a well-timed rage art can inflict critical damage on an enemy, and turn the tide of a battle! However it’s really important that you get the timing on this just right, as unlike rage mode in general, when a rage art is used it ends rage mode immediately!

One little tip for this one also comes from a change in the Fated Retribution update, and that is that since this update, if you take damage during rage mode this also increases the damage you deal with a Rage Arts, meaning that if you are missing HP, you can pop rage mode, take a bit of damage and then use a Rage Arts to inflict crazy damage on your enemy!

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