Introducing 'TUBBZ Tuesday', Your Weekly Duck Fix!Introducing 'TUBBZ Tuesday', Your Weekly Duck Fix!

Introducing 'TUBBZ Tuesday', Your Weekly Duck Fix!

by Paula Fisher


With new TUBBZ coming in thick and fast,  we're simplifying things for you. 

Starting tomorrow, every Tuesday marks the arrival of new TUBBZ collectables. No more guessing when the next rubber duck will waddle onto the scene. No need to scour social media or keep tabs on this hub for updates. All TUBBZ announcements will be revealed at 3pm (BST) each Tuesday like clockwork. Say hello to TUBBZ Tuesday - your weekly dose of duck-tastic news! 

TUBBZ aren’t your run-of-the-mill cosplaying rubber ducks. These are quirky, cosplaying ducks meticulously crafted to pay homage to icons from the world of video games, TV, movies, and comics. A must-have for collectors, cosplayers, and pop culture fans. 

Dive into the cosplaying ducky-verse and you'll find TUBBZ collectables in various sizes and formats: 

  • First Edition TUBBZ: Complete with their own display bathtub, these are one-time releases. Once they're gone, they're gone! 
  • Mini TUBBZ: Adorable and half the size of First Editions, in duckling-sized bathtubs for display. 
  • Boxed TUBBZ: Popular characters that were once sold out sometimes come back as Boxed Editions in a stylish box. 
  • XL TUBBZ: Special editions of those larger-than-life characters, these are 150% larger than the standard TUBBZ. 
  • TUBBZ Plushie: All the charm of rubber ducks, now cuddly and soft. 

TUBBZ Tuesday kicks off tomorrow with not one, but two new drops from the movie world. Here's a hint: one of them is an extra special XL character. Get ready to clear your shelves for this larger-than-life addition – he needs lots of space! 

Set your alarms and mark your calendars for 3pm (BST) tomorrow, Tuesday 16th April. You won't want to miss out on these fantastical collectible ducks, so be sure to dive in! 

Join this quack-tastic adventure and stay tuned for more TUBBZ releases every Tuesday. Don't miss out - take the plunge into the quacky world of TUBBZ! 

Check out the TUBBZ Tuesday video here