Survive in Style: Your Guide to Resident Evil Merch by Numskull DesignsSurvive in Style: Your Guide to Resident Evil Merch by Numskull Designs

Survive in Style: Your Guide to Resident Evil Merch by Numskull Designs

by Matthew Wrightson

Calling all S.T.A.R.S. agents and zombie slayers! Are you craving a way to show your love for the iconic Resident Evil franchise beyond slaying the undead? Then gear up with Numskull Designs, your source for officially licensed Resident Evil merchandise that's as terrifyingly awesome as it is high-quality.

From Iconic Characters to Grotesque Glories:

Numskull offers a chilling selection of Resident Evil goodies that cater to both your aesthetic and your love for the macabre. Here are some chilling highlights:

    • Hauntingly Detailed Statues: Bring your favorite (or least favorite) characters to life with meticulously crafted statues. Tower over your enemies with the imposing 10.9" Nemesis Limited Edition Statue, complete with hand-painted details and a cracked tarmac base. Or, showcase the grotesque beauty of the Licker with the 6.5" Limited Edition Statue, featuring its exposed brain and razor-sharp claws.

    • Wearable Warnings: Show off your Resident Evil love with officially licensed apparel and accessories. Don a vintage-style R.P.D. t-shirt, rep your favorite faction with a logo hoodie, or keep your eyes protected from the sun (and maybe zombies?) with R.P.D. sunglasses.

    • Collectible Chills: Expand your collection with unique and eerie items. Snag the limited-edition 25th Anniversary Snapback, featuring a sleek design and a special badge. Or, add a touch of horror to your desk with a replica T-Virus vial keychain, a constant reminder of the outbreak's origins.

    • Limited Edition Thrills: Keep an eye out for exclusive releases! The recent collaboration with Capcom brought us the Tyrant Ghost Shell Collectable, merging Resident Evil and Destiny 2 in a terrifyingly delightful way. These limited-edition items offer unique designs and bragging rights for true fans.

Beyond the Merchandise:

Numskull's dedication to Resident Evil goes beyond just products. They collaborate closely with Capcom to ensure authenticity and capture the essence of the franchise's terrifying atmosphere. They also actively engage with the community through social media, offering sneak peeks at upcoming releases and hosting thrilling giveaways.

So, whether you're a seasoned survivor or a new recruit facing the horrors of Raccoon City for the first time, Numskull Designs has something for every Resident Evil fan. Gear up, showcase your love for the franchise, and remember: aim for the head!

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Stay vigilant, and may your herbs be plentiful, fellow survivors