Numskull Brings 80s Flavour to USB HubsNumskull Brings 80s Flavour to USB Hubs

Numskull Brings 80s Flavour to USB Hubs

by Matthew Wrightson

Charging Options For a New Generation…  

Numskull Designs are proud to announce new additions to their Quarter Arcades range… powered USB Hubs with two officially licensed classic Pepsi and 7UP vending machines from the 1980s!  


Produced in collaboration with Pepsi, one of the world's most iconic beverage brands, these sleek and stylish units are the perfect accessory for fans of retro, pop culture and tech enthusiasts. Featuring a backlit front panel with illuminated buttons, every care has been taken to ensure these quarter scale replicas match the original machines in every possible wayright down to even vending quarter scale cans at the push of a button! 

Offering five USB 2.0 ports, the Pepsi and 7UP Powered USB Hubs provide a reliable and convenient way to power your Quarter Arcades as well as charging options for other USB devices such as smartphones, tablets and gaming controllers.  

 These limited edition quarter scale vending machines are available exclusively at Just Geek and Amazon. So why wait? Order yours today to ensure they become part of your retro collection and take a nostalgic trip to the 80s! 

Pepsi/7UP Vending Machine – Powered USB Hub 

  • Officially licensed product 
  • 5 Port powered USB hub  
  • Realistic ¼ scale replica of 1980s vending machine – everything matches the original machine; from the era correct official artwork to the authentic shape and buttons  
  • LED back-lit signage with illuminated vending buttons 
  • Dispenses ¼ scale retro drinks cans at the push of a button (eight included) 
  • Quarter Arcades #12 & #13 in the series – collect them all and build your own miniature arcade! 
  • Dimensions - Height: 17.7” (45cm) x Width:  7.5” (19cm) x Depth: 6.1” (15.4 cm) 
  • On/Off power switch 
  • 12v Power adaptor included