The Next Level In Immersive Gaming?The Next Level In Immersive Gaming?

The Next Level In Immersive Gaming?

by Matthew Wrightson

Numskull Release Cologne Based On Metal Gear Solid Franchise 

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To coincide with the release of Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1, Numskull, in collaboration with Konami, are giving fans the chance to immerse themselves into the thrilling world of espionage and secret operations of the Metal Gear universe even further with a unisex fragrance based upon the game’s iconic locale of Shadow Moses Island.


Taking inspiration from the game’s legendary setting, this unique cologne opens with the crisp freshness of handpicked mushrooms and forest soil, and evolves to reveal a heart enriched with aromatic scents designed to take the wearer on a sensory journey, transporting them to the captivating and complex landscape of Shadow Moses Island. 

With only 500 units available and sold exclusively in the UK and select European countries, this limited edition cologne is sure to be a hit with fans and disappear very quickly! 


Metal Gear Solid – ‘Shadow Moses’ Unisex Cologne 100ml 

  • Official Metal Gear Solid product 
  • Designed and engineered by Numskull Designs 
  • Fragrance inspired by the iconic game location of Shadow Moses Island 
  • Unisex cologne enriched with aromatic hints of myrrh, fir balsam and patchouli with undertones of oakmoss, cedarwood, amber and musk 
  • Perfect gift for any fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise 

Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses is the fourth cologne Numskull have created based on a video game franchise following the release of Shenmue, Sonic the Hedgehog and Yakuza colognes in 2021.