We’re gonna need a bigger TUBBZ!We’re gonna need a bigger TUBBZ!

We’re gonna need a bigger TUBBZ!

by Matthew Wrightson

Numskull Introduces XL Bruce the Shark from Jaws 

The Jaws TUBBZ Collection has just got bigger, literally, as Numskull drops a new XL Bruce the Shark TUBBZ.

Jaws fans will love this extra special TUBBZ, Bruce the Shark has been given the XL treatment to make him scarier than ever! This XL TUBBZ is 150% bigger than the other TUBBZ and will stand out in any collection.

With the addition of this XL Bruce the Shark, there are now 5 Jaws characters for fans to collect. Plus, this is the latest character to be released in XL and joins Balrog from Lord of the Rings, Stay Puft

from Ghostbusters and T-Rex from Jurassic Park. There are simply some larger-than-life characters that are destined to be XL editions and this is absolutely one of them.

As he’s XL, Bruce the Shark comes in a box rather than a bathtub and the extra detail makes this a special collectible. It looks like the shark hunters are on the case already, he’s harpooned and the scuba tank has been shoved in his mouth, a final bullet is set to finish the job.

Other characters in the Jaws range include standard size Bruce the Shark, Quint, Brody and Hooper.  



Editors Note: Numskull has just re-introduced 54 characters that had sold out as ‘Boxed Editions’ ie no bathtub with these editions. Die-hard fans will still want ‘First Editions’ bathtub TUBBZ if they want the tub, PLUS not all TUBBZ will come back as Boxed Editions when sold out. 

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